The Stumboeck Story (english)

The Stumböck Story
Service makes the difference

On holiday, guests shall not worry about anything and fully focus on ones pleasure. According to this simple principle, Peter Stumboeck developed the guide service for his ski trips to Canada. Due to the reasonably priced fares, the Stumboeck Club rapidly emerged as the market leader for ski and snowboard trips.

Sometimes it just takes a little longer, till dreams come true. And sometimes disappointments turn into unexpected opportunities. For many years Peter Stumboeck was commanding officer at the German army, but his careed didn't turn out as expected. When he quit his service in 1988 as "Major", he didn't do so unprepared. Since the 70's the passionate skier organised ski trips for skiing clubs in his free time.

It was 1988, when he spotted a market niche on his first skiing trip to Canada. On one hand he admired the superb conditions, the impressive nature, the legendary powder and the laid back canadian style of skiing. On the other hand he was confronted with the problems such a trip might bring. The organizing issues, the little knowledge of the conditions and after all the cost at which all this comes.

This drove the perfectionist towards the idea, to offer the trip as both, affordable and well organzied. The main feature: small groups with maximum ten guests, which are accompanied by experienced guides. How do you get from the airport to the ski hill? Where is the hotel? Where do I get my pass? Where can I get good food for reasonable prices? And most important, where are the best runs on the mountain? No worries for the Stumboeck guests, for the guide guarantees a smooth course of events.

The newly established Stumboeck Club celebrated its world premiere during a readers trip of a skiing magazine. It turned out to be a complete success. Banff and Jasper were the first destinations and soon after, it should turn into a wide range of products. From the classic connoisseur tour to the most exciting heliskiing trips. The Stumböck Club explored further ski areas and soon advanced to the market leader with up to 5.000 guests per season.

In 1995 Peter Stumboeck opened his first hotel the comfortable Sun Peaks Lodge, only a few meter from the slopes. The perfect service and the family like atmosphere resulted in many frequent guests, certainly demanding ever increasing adventures. Heliskiing became a fixed component of the schedule. And thus it was a logical step, when in 1999 Peter Stumboeck together with Bernhard Mazohl, good friend and business partner opened another hotel. The Hillcrest Resort Hotel in Revelstoke advanced to the ideal base for heliskiing trips.

The success of the Stumboeck Club was founded upon both, a well priced offer and an interesting itinerary. The guests solely fly with Air Canada or Lufthansa. They lodge in good to excellent hotels, partly in outstanding luxury accomodations. And most important, the guests can fully enjoy the skiing. The guides worry about the rest.

To ensure an unobstructed course of events, Stumboeck operates an own office in Canmore close to Banff.

After the early death of the founder in the fall of 2000, the business management descended to Pia Stumböck and Bernhard Mazohl. The dream of Peter Stumboeck is still alive.

The range today includes programs for every skier. Budget oriented tours for beginners as well as exclusive heli tours. Besides that, the Stumboeck Club also offers trips to the famous ski areas in the USA like Aspen or Vail, as well as guided ski trips in the Alps.

To underline its competence in every aspect concerning ski trips, the Stumboeck Club also arranges individual products for companies. Stumboeck cooperates with the german ski association (Deutscher Skiverband, DSV), the german ski instructor association (Deutscher Skilehrerverband, DSLV) and numerous other unions and ski clubs. Up to 80 guides and 50 vans are on the go for the Stumboeck guests during the winter season in Canada, USA, Japan and in the alps. They ensure that the idea of the founder Peter Stumboeck is implemented accordingly. Interesting ski trips with outstanding service for reasonable prices. A combination which is not self evident these days.